Personalised Illustrations

I’ve been extremely busy over the past month or so neglecting my University work and doing personalised illustrations for friends, and friends of other friends on facebook, in an attempt to fund Christmas – and for the large part it worked, as I’ve managed to earn about £200 so far. I’m taking a break from it for now so I can attempt to catch up with coursework, but in the meantime I’ll post the one I was most proud of on here, as it was finished pretty close to Tom’s Deadline, and it’ll be going in my portfolio somewhere.
I’ll post the other illustrations  on my blog when I have permission from the commission-ees, in the meantime here’s a link to the facebook page, and the Etsy page that is at the moment, in it’s infancy, but will one day soon feature a selection of more generic gift cards for whatever purpose you like – check them out won’tcha? :)




This is the Rectifier from Tron

It should have a background grid but the perspective tools in Photoshop and rubbish and the one in illustrator is good but wont let the image snap to the perspective grid I created it’s really annoying.


We havent had a topic for a while so I thought we could do something that will go towards our work.

How about a piece that will go into our portfolios?

This will help with this semesters work, PDP and overall portfolio, if your happy with it.

Do anything you want, no restrictions.

So I’m giving us 3 weeks for this one.

Images to be posted on sunday the 18th.

Apologies for the bad header.

Armchair detective

I’ve always had a soft spot for old Holmes, the crazy coke-fiend.



Decided to do a pic of Detective Alonzo from training day after watching it yesterday. Such a good film. Wish i had more time enjoyed drawing this character and would have liked to do a more elaborate pose colouring and setting instead of just white :S.


A superhero with the powers of a spider? Does this mean he also has the weaknesses of a spider?



Ok so yeah it’s my pick apparently, so yeah as  I’ve been playing Batman a lot!! This has inspired me to pick the theme ‘Detectives.’ The aim is obviously to draw any detective you want Sherlock, Dick tracy, Basil the mouse detective, Batman. Hell if none of these Take your fancy Make one up.

Hope you approve of the theme, if not Do it anyway hahahaha!!

Sue Storm

So this is cheating but heres mine its the invisible woman.


This weeks was a quick one, as I haven’t had much time today and I didn’t want to do it late, hence the rushed feel and billions of mistakes. Anyway, I really like the design of female Loki, so thought i’d have a go at it.

Poof whadda ya need!?!

And my Marvel peoples entry is beast and Nightcrawler, two of me fav X-men never cared that much for wolverine which i know is like blasphemy now.



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