This weeks was a quick one, as I haven’t had much time today and I didn’t want to do it late, hence the rushed feel and billions of mistakes. Anyway, I really like the design of female Loki, so thought i’d have a go at it.



Here is my (late!) submission for this weeks theme.
I was going to draw an Asari from Mass Effect, but I’ve already done 2 Mass Effect pictures, so I settled for another blue alien- the Diva from the Fifth Element, which is my favourite movie EVER. If you haven’t seen it, you really should!

My postcard

Here’s the postcard I decided to go with after getting some feedback off people.  I’ve quite enjoyed this short brief!


Apologies for the lateness, but here’s my submission for the Mass Effect theme! I wanted to try drawing a character from the series I like but who would also be challenging, so I decided to draw  my Shephards love interest  Garrus Vakarian. Also got abit experimental with the watercolours.

Tea and Two Sugars

OK, this is pretty late and rushed, my bad..I should really pay more attention to stuff! Anyway here is my mascot. Because come on, what’s more British than a cup of tea?

Normandy High

Basically my idea for this theme was to put Mass Effect into a highschool/teen drama genre.
Bleh. I’m not a big fan of how it turned out, it’s riddled with mistakes (Tali, Miranda, what are your legs doing?), and I really wanted to put more characters in but only got round to doing these three so it looks kinda empty. Oh well. Time for Sherpherd to save the universe I guess, BUT THE PROMS TOMORROW.

Nomming dinosaur

For this weeks theme I decided to do something abit different. I made a simple and short animated gif. of a dinosaur having some noms.

Or alternatively, head banging dinosaur.